Perth & Kinross Red Squirrel Group

Squirrel facts

Rory McSquirrel

Ok kids, time for some facts about me and my red squirrel friends!

  • Despite what most people think, we don’t hibernate in winter. Just like people we don’t venture outside if the weather is really bad, we’d rather stay in our homes where its cosy!
  • Our homes are called dreys. We like to build different ones for summer and winter and have more than one we use at a time. And if its really cold in winter, we snuggle up with other red squirrel family members to keep warm
  • Just like you we can be right or left handed (or in our case right of left pawed). However unlike you we have only four fingers but do have five toes. Also, our ankles are double-jointed which helps us run up and down trees!
  • Like cats, our young are called kittens though I don’t think a mummy cat would look after our babies too well!
  • We are pretty good swimmers and quite like the water
  • Our ear tufts grow longer in winter – its gets cold you know!
  • We spend most our our time up in the trees. If it’s a still day and you are in the woods, stop and listen – you might hear us eating pine cones. If you see little bits of cone floating down, we’re definitely there!