Perth & Kinross Red Squirrel Group

Report sightings

If you live in Tayside and have seen a squirrel, red or grey, please tell us about it. It is very important that we build up an accurate picture of where the squirrels are, especially the greys, so we can work out how and where best to help protect the reds.

We have provided some tools in the reporting form to help you ensure your sighting report is as accurate as possible. Please don’t forget to include the grid reference number, especially the two numbers at the beginning!

* This information is mandatory

It's really important that you provide a grid reference for your sighting e.g. NO 115 235. To do this quickly, use the map above. You can use your mouse to zoom in and out and to move the map until you have found the location of your sighting, then just click on the map to place a pin and the grid reference will be completed automatically.

Red Grey
 Conifer, e.g. pine, spruce Mixed conifer and broadleaf Broadleaf, e.g. oak No trees within 50 meters
 Yes No