Perth & Kinross Red Squirrel Group

Why help red squirrels?

Alert red squirrel, image ©Craig Doogan

The red squirrel is one of Scotland’s most iconic and instantly recognisable native animals. They have probably been present in Scotland since the last ice age. In Perth and Kinross there are hundreds if not thousands of red squirrels living in our forests, woods, parks and even in our gardens. They form an integral part of our biodiversity. Sadly in the past like many other of Scotland’s native species they were persecuted but now they are fully protected by law.

Although red squirrels are protected by law they currently face a critical battle for survival, one they have already lost across most of England where they have become largely extinct in the last 50 years. The current situation is that about 75% of all red squirrels in the UK are found in Scotland, many of them within Perth and Kinross.

The single biggest threat to the continued survival of the red squirrel across Perth and Kinross is the non-native grey squirrel.

To learn more about why the grey squirrel is threatening red squirrels with extinction, please read The grey threat page.