West Palm Beach is a wonderful city having lots of scenic beauty and adventure places. This city is in South Florida and it separate from Palm Beach, which is in a neighbor by the Lake Worth Lagoon. My last vacation was in West Palm Beach and enjoyed this place with my family a lot. You have here everything, beaches, park, museums and adventure sports, etc. My tour guide helped me to plan my vacation systematically, but if you do not want to spend on a guide, my experience will help you in planning your vacation. Lots of world-class events take place in West Palm Beach, so if you are planning for a vacation, check out some event dates and reach here during the same time.

I started my tour of West Palm Beach from Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society, it is a non-profit organization and well maintained. The zoo has over 500 different species of animals. Many of the animals here are endangered species. The zoo also has lush green area spread in 23 acres. I enjoyed the natural beauty of this place, its trails. The charges to get in this zoo is 22$ for adults.

The second spot was Rapids water park, the park is present near Riviera Beach and that’s why it has lots of natural beauty. I can still feel the thrill of rides I took there. The area is big and so you won’t feel uncomfortable. The ticket charge is 50$ for an adult which is a fair deal.

I got to know about Peanut Island from locals of West Palm Beach and so I took a short trip to this place and it was worth taking the pain. You have lots of adventure option here from snorkeling, camping, bunker making, swimming to enjoying some water sports.

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The other places it visited were John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. All were awesome and by visiting all these spots, you cover almost the entire city.